Third and Fourth Level

Conserving the Marine Environment

Learning Level: Second and Third (P5-S3)
Time: 2 hours

Pupils will discover the diversity of species living in our local seas and the challenges they face in an environment heavily affected by human demands. A digital slideshow presentation will highlight the measures that humans have put in place to protect the marine environment and what individuals can do to help make a difference.

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Rocky Shore Ecology

Learning Level: Third, Fourth and Senior (S1 – S6)
Time: 4 hours

Students will visit a rocky shore and use biological sampling techniques to collect and record data on the diversity and distribution patterns of rocky shore dwellers. The students will conduct a line transect and quadrat sampling and will identify plants and animals using keys. The practical exercise will be followed by a tour of the aquarium, including a discussion on the expected beach survey results and the factors influencing the distribution of intertidal species.

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