• Aquarium Outreach Programme

    In September 2006 we were pleased to be able to launch our new education outreach programme, which was made possible thanks to help from Talisman Energy (UK) Limited.

  • Baby Rays on TV!

    The aquarium featured on the BBC One Show on 28th February, with a fab piece about our shark and ray breeding programme. Presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff visited last summer to find out more about our baby dogfish and rays and see us releasing them into the sea.

  • Staff Smart in New Uniforms!

    A big thank you goes to Filpumps Ltd for sponsoring the staff aquarium uniforms for another year! We all look very smart again now and are delighted for the help from our friends.

  • Tots Tuesday

    Every Tuesday until 31st March 2012 11am – 4pm. A series of activities for preschool children takes the tots though the underwater world of the aquarium with some hands on fun, story time, crafts and games.

  • Rip's Off!

    Our six foot long conger eel, Rip made it known to us recently that he had had enough of his easy life in the aquarium’s kelp reef exhibit and wanted to take his one chance at love in this world!

  • Wee Sea Beasties!

    Have you ever looked out across the North Sea in the hope of seeing mysterious creatures of the deep moving in the water?

  • Name that Monster Lobster!

    A snappy new arrival made quite a splash here at Macduff this summer – a massive lobster was donated to us by a sympathetic fisherman who wanted to save it from the cooking pot!

  • Getting Life Sorted

    We were delighted to unveil a new display here at the aquarium in time for the Easter holidays – an interactive wall exhibit all about how we sort living things.

  • Eelvis has Left the Building

    Eelvis, our conger eel, had been feeling lonesome in our kelp reef exhibit and on a bright November morning, we set him free for a once in a lifetime chance to find a mate.

  • New Look for Aquarium Staff

    The aquarium staff are sporting new uniforms, thanks to our friends at Filpumps Ltd

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