• Eelvis has Left the Building

    Eelvis, our conger eel, had been feeling lonesome in our kelp reef exhibit and on a bright November morning, we set him free for a once in a lifetime chance to find a mate.

  • Unusual Crystal Jellyfish Make Star Appearance

    A jellyfish species that is usually found in the North West Pacific Ocean seems to have made its way to the Moray Firth

  • New Look for Aquarium Staff

    The aquarium staff are sporting new uniforms, thanks to our friends at Filpumps Ltd

  • Wolf Fish Baby Boom

    Earlier this summer we were thrilled to announce the safe arrival of some new baby wolf fish here at the aquarium

  • Witek Hangs up his Wellies

    This June saw a major change at the aquarium as our esteemed manager, Witek Mojsiewicz, retired from his post on his 60th birthday.

  • Sea Monster Fun at COAST and World Oceans' Day

    Following on from last year’s successful COAST festival of visual arts, we took part again in arty activities at the aquarium over the course of the festival weekend in May.

  • The Gannet Air Miles Challenge

    Gannets at RSPB Troup Head in Aberdeenshire have been the focus of attention at Macduff Marine Aquarium for the past two summers, thanks to a collaborative project with the RSPB that beamed live pictures of the gannet colony to the aquarium

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