• Christmas Fishes Weekend

    Our annual Christmas fun weekend starts at 11am on Saturday 17th December.

  • Rip's Off!

    Our six foot long conger eel, Rip made it known to us recently that he had had enough of his easy life in the aquarium’s kelp reef exhibit and wanted to take his one chance at love in this world!

  • Shark Week, Saturday October 15th - Sunday October 23rd 2011

  • Wee Sea Beasties!

    Have you ever looked out across the North Sea in the hope of seeing mysterious creatures of the deep moving in the water?

  • World Oceans' Day - Castaway!

    This year for our annual celebration of the seas we found ourselves washed up and marooned on a remote Scottish island with only our wits to help us survive…

  • Fishing for Wishes

    We took part again this year in the annual Banff and Macduff COAST Festival…

  • Grab your Bucket and Spade...

    We were delighted to see the arrival of Spring and decided to encourage our visitors to get out, get adventurous and get to know our own amazing wildlife here on the Moray Firth shores.

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