Kelp Exhibit Gets a Makeover!

Kelp Exhibit Gets a Makeover!

Macduff Marine Aquarium’s unique kelp exhibit is getting a makeover! After 20 years as the central attraction at the aquarium, the 5m deep kelp tank has been drained, stripped out and completely rebuilt. The major works began at the end of May and are expected to take over 2 months to complete. 

The aquarium is closed to the public during this period, but is scheduled to open again later in the summer with a brand new look to the kelp tank. 

The first challenge was to catch all the fish! The divers first caught the slow moving and bottom dwelling animals, then the tank was drained down to allow the aquarist team to get in and collect all the faster swimmers. All the animals are being held in temporary tanks until their newly refurbished home is complete. 

We’re excited with the progress so far and delighted to have the opportunity to give the main exhibit a completely new lease of life, for the next 20 years and beyond.

Thank you to local residents and visitors to the aquarium for your patience while the work is carried out. We’re sorry for any disapointment or inconvenience that the closure causes in the meantime. 

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